Use AI to Unleash Amazon's Trillion-Dollar Innovation Strategy

Join Trent Gillespie, a former Amazon Tech Leader and AI Expert, in this exclusive free training.

Discover how you can use AI to apply Amazon's Famous trillion-dollar, ground-breaking innovation strategy, Working Backwards, to identify and refine ideas faster and increase the growth and scale of your business.

Use AI to Drive Innovation with these Innovation AI Prompts

Harness the power of AI to drive innovation with these AI prompts. Specifically built for innovators to use AI to identify new opportunities and increase the speed of your ideation, development and go-to-market processes.

Discover the Secret Behind Amazon's Innovation Success

Get the "Working Backwards v1 Example and Template" Now!

Get a template for writing your first Amazon Working Backwards-style document. Use this template to write your Press Release and Frequently Asked Questions, following Amazon's "Working Backwards" process.

This Free Training Is Useful for:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Current or Aspiring Product Managers
  • Tech Leaders, Business Leaders, Or Others Who Want To Improve Their Innovation Processes.

Unfold Your Business Growth In Just 3 Steps!


Learn how to use innovation to tap into the $16 trillion of new value being created globally by AI.


Leverage Amazon's famous "Working Backwards" innovation method (from a former Amazon executive).


Learn the simple, step-by-step process to accelerate your innovation and attract more customers.

Expert Training, Proven Results

Brought To You By A Former Amazon Leader - Trent Gillespie

With over 20 years in technology and innovation, including a 9-year leadership role at Amazon, Trent brings a wealth of experience in leveraging AI for business transformation.Trent led Amazon's global expansion and was instrumental in building AI capabilities for Alexa and Amazon's Last Mile delivery.

Why This Training?

  • Real-World Applications: Gain practical insights into applying AI in various business scenarios.
  • Competitive Edge: Equip yourself with strategies that will put you ahead of the competition in the AI revolution.
  • Direct Impact: Learn how to implement changes that drive immediate results and long-term success.