AI-Powered Innovation

Introduction to Amazon's Working Backwards Process + AI

Amazon pioneered customer-first innovation with the process referred to as Working Backwards. Now you can learn it too, plus how to use generative AI to make it faster and easier for anyone to use, and make your innovation better than ever!

This self-paced course is taught by former Amazon leader, innovation, and AI expert, Trent Gillespie. It includes demonstrations, example documents and templates, AI prompts, and even instructions for adopting Working Backwards at any company. Perfect for entrepreneurs to leaders who want to supercharge their innovation.

Leverage AI to Win

The power of generative AI is that it will reduce the cost and increase the speed of innovation. This course will teach you everything you need to gain an edge over your competition, harnessing AI to help move your innovation forward more effectively than ever.

Amazon's Working Backwards Innovation Process

"Working Backwards" is the process Amazon has used to drive its awesome global innovation and growth. It simplifies and focuses innovation efforts and any customer-facing decision, by ensuring the top customer benefits are always the top priority.

Increase Speed
Innovate faster and create a systematic, competitive advantage
Customer-First Orientation
Reduce failed efforts and increase customer satisfaction
Learn the latest AI + innovation methods

Expert Training, Proven Results

This course is taught by Trent Gillespie, a seasoned technology and business leader with a decorated career spanning over two decades. After holding various IT leadership roles, Trent spent almost nine years at Amazon orchestrating its global growth, driving massive innovation programs, and ensuring the Alexa AI met all customer privacy expectations globally.

Trent now utilizes his wealth of experience to help business leaders build innovative organizations and products and learn to harness AI for their success. Trent speaks professionally, advises, and trains leaders and their teams. Holding an MBA and a Certificate in Executive Leadership from Seattle University, Trent’s vast knowledge and experience make him an invaluable asset to any organization seeking guidance and leadership in the realm of business and technology.

Trent Gillespie
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AI-Powered Innovation

Get the Latest AI Instruction

Innovation is the perfect way to start leveraging generative AI in business. Learn directly the best, current methods on how to use AI for the Working Backwards process, and ideas on how to take it further and create an edge over your competition.

Embrace the AI Revolution Today

Start your journey with our meticulously designed AI-powered courses. Choose from a variety of plans each crafted to cater to your unique needs.

Embrace the AI Revolution Today

Start your journey with our meticulously designed AI-powered courses. Choose from a variety of plans each crafted to cater to your unique needs.

Self-Paced  Course

Get the online, video-based, and self-paced training course to learn the Working Backwards, supported by AI, and lifetime updates.

Get it now with a Launch Discount through December, 2023!
Exclusive, expert-provided online training
Weekly office hours for consultation
Work at your own schedule
The latest innovation and AI methods
Perfect for Entrepreneurs to C-Suite Leaders

One-Day Course

Get the latest AI, Innovation & Working Backwards Instruction in just one day! Work directly with Trent for real-time feedback and ideation, to create ideas that work!
One Day of Expert-led, Live training
Weekly office hours for consultation
Lifetime Access to the Self-Paced Course
Live Group Discussion & Learning
Access to the Luminary online community
Limited Space! 
Next Course is November 8th

In-Person Workshop

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Teach your team Working Backwards + AI in a private class, and get your staff trained and your ideas ready to build in only one day! 
Expert-led, private training with your group
Weekly office hours for guided learning
Workshop customization for group needs
Three 30-minute one-on-one coaching sessions
Access to the Luminary online community


From falling behind to leading with AI - our customers are redefining their business landscapes.

"This course is highly recommended for anyone charged with innovation. Not only does it distill the innovation process into a series of practical steps, but it leverages the power of generative AI to up-level the user’s role to Driver with generative AI as the Engine."

Valerie K.

Principal and CEO
Process Engineering Consultancy

"This hits the sweet spot for innovative companies. It focuses on what will be valuable to customers while providing a framework to minimize lower-value features. The course shows how easy it can be to develop ideas before making investments."

Lee C.

President and CEO
Healthcare Technology Firm

"Fantastic, Actionable Content!"


Senior Product Manager, Fortune 100 Retailer



COO of Tech Start-Up

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AI technologies and practices are continually changing. Join our leadership community to stay up-to-date and discover how to leverage generative AI for future career and business success.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are courses delivered?

Luminary provides courses in three formats:

Self-Paced Courses: These are online courses delivered through our online learning platform, and can be attended at any time and at the speed each student desires.

Cohort Courses: These are online courses delivered through our online learning platform, but they occur at a prescheduled time, date, and frequency for the duration of each class. Each class has a private online peer community for collaboration, both during and after the class. They average 10-15 students enrolled at the same time.

Workshops: These are typically in-person workshops (sometimes virtual), with content delivered over a condensed, 1-2 day period. Most often these are for individual companies who may want to train a peer group at the same time.

Who are the course instructors?

Each class is taught by different instructors, and the instructor is shown on the course information page. All instructors are considered experts in their fields and are drawn from organizations where they have demonstrated the practical application of these concepts at scale.

How long do I get access to courses for?

This may vary by course, but for most courses, students are provided access for the lifetime of that course on our platform. Because the course content is regularly updated, this provides significant long-term value as AI and related methods are improved.

How often are the courses updated with new content?

This varies based on each course and the pace of innovation within the subject it covers. Most courses are expected to be updated at least 2 times per year, with updates tracked within the corresponding online community in the interim.

What are the community membership levels?

Luminary is launching with two membership tiers: Individual and Leadership. These are summarized below:

Individual Tier: This membership level is for professionals who focus on executing innovation, and how to use AI to improve their individual tasks, processes, and offerings. This includes access to relevant individual training and the related online peer community.

Leadership Tier: This membership level is for leaders who have business-level responsibility, from identifying new business strategies and offerings to workforce transformation. Leaders span from start-up leaders to enterprise CxOs.