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How to Use AI to Unleash Amazon's
Trillion-Dollar Innovation Strategy

Learn AI + Amazon's Innovation Strategy to Drive Growth In Any Business

Amazon's Secret AI Innovation Strategies For Entrepreneurs And Business Leaders!

Working Backwards with AI is a self-paced course taught by former Amazon leader, innovation, and AI expert, Trent Gillespie. It includes demonstrations, example documents and templates, AI prompts, and even instructions for adopting Working Backwards at any company. This course is perfect for entrepreneurs, innovators, and any business leader who wants to supercharge their innovation.

Real Customer Testimonials

From falling behind to leading with AI these customers are redefining their business landscapes.

"This course is highly recommended for anyone charged with innovation. Not only does it distill the innovation process into a series of practical steps, but it leverages the power of generative AI to up-level the user’s role to Driver with generative AI as the Engine."

Valerie K.

Principal and CEO
Process Engineering Consultancy

"This hits the sweet spot for innovative companies. It focuses on what will be valuable to customers while providing a framework to minimize lower-value features. The course shows how easy it can be to develop ideas before making investments."

Lee C.

President and CEO
Healthcare Technology Firm

"In nearly seven years at Amazon, I applied the Working Backwards methodology to every major project. But it required a lot of trial and error, and even the internal training was sparse.

If I had this training then, it would have accelerated my results at every turn. The Working Backwards with AI training cuts to the heart of Amazon's innovation process and reveals how to accelerate your progress with AI. The lessons are easy to follow and you can start implementing them from Day One."

Jeremy R.

Former Amazon Senior Program Manager

What You'll Learn In This Course

Our meticulously curated modules cover everything from innovation at Amazon to AI fundamentals. Each module offers practical insights and detailed explanations.

Amazon's Keys to Successful Innovation

  • Amazon's proven approach to customer-focused growth
  • The frameworks that helped Amazon scale to a $1.5 Trillion market cap
  • The company principles you can model to create a world-class enterprise

Leveraging AI for Innovation

  • How to optimize GPT4 to rapidly iterate on new products or services
  • Exact prompts for generating Amazon's Working Backwards PR/FAQ documents with AI
  • Reduce costs, rapidly test and validate, and outpace your competition with AI-driven planning, documentation, and execution

Creating a Visionary Plan

  • Rapidly draft an Amazon-style Press Release + Frequently Asked Questions
  • Captivate your leaders, investors, and customers with a forward-looking vision of success
  • Anticipate and mitigate risks through a proven process for addressing customer challenges and driving stakeholder alignment

Additional Resources

  • WEEKLY OPEN OFFICE HOURS WITH TRENT! Anyone can dial in and get expert advice on innovation, AI, and Working Backwards.
  • 60 DAY ACCESS to the Private Luminary Online Community for Peer engagement and discussion.
  • EXACT AI PROMPTS, demonstration, and instructions for the Working Backwards and related Innovation processes.
  • LIFETIME UPDATES! AI is changing quickly, and this course will be regularly updated to use the best methods for innovation.

Whats Included In The Course

Insider Tips & Process Adoption

As taught by a former Amazon leader, learn the insider tips on how to do Working Backwards well, and best practices to start adopting it within any organization.

Value-Packed Video Tutorials

This course includes dozens of detailed video tutorials, making Amazon-style innovation and AI integration easier than ever before.

Over $500 Worth Of Bonuses

Career Development, Additional Training, and Bonus Materials, including prompt guides, templates, and deep dives to help you apply the Working Backwards process and scale your innovation.

Regular Updates

Generative AI is a rapidly evolving topic, and this course is designed to evolve with it. At least quarterly, you will get a new video in the course from Trent, summarizing the latest tools and developments in AI and how you can apply them to your business.

Meet Your Instructor

This course is taught by Trent Gillespie, a seasoned technology and business leader with a decorated career spanning over two decades. After holding various IT leadership roles, Trent spent almost nine years at Amazon orchestrating its global growth, driving massive innovation programs, and ensuring the Alexa AI met all customer privacy expectations globally.

Trent now utilizes his wealth of experience to help business leaders build innovative organizations and products and learn to harness AI for their success. Trent speaks professionally, advises, and trains leaders and their teams. Holding an MBA and a Certificate in Executive Leadership from Seattle University, Trent’s vast knowledge and experience make him an invaluable asset to any organization seeking guidance and leadership in the realm of business and technology.

Trent Gillespie

Founder and CEO, Luminary Global
Former Amazon Exective

Profile image of Trent Gillespie

Who This Course Is For

  • Business leaders looking for proven strategies to integrate AI and accelerate their innovation
  • Entrepreneurs looking to develop, improve, or scale their businesses by modeling the most successful frameworks
  • Individual contributors looking to supercharge their product or service development and accelerate their career

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this course delivered?

This is a self-paced, online course. It can be completed at your convenience on any internet connected computer or device. In addition, you can download the Kajabi app, for better instruction on your smartphone.

How long will the course take to complete?

This course currently has 8 modules. To best learn the material, students should follow along and develop a new idea in conjunction with each step of the course. By doing so, they will not only learn the material but complete the course with a ready-to-go, refined idea. Students can complete the course in one day, but should plan to spend at least one week to go through the course module-by-module in conjunction with applying the material.

How long does my access to the course last?

Once purchased, the course is available for as long as this course is publicly available. In addition, all updates to the course are provided for no additional cost during that timeframe.

Can I get a receipt to expense or be reimbursed for the cost of this course?

Yes! If your credit card statement will not work for your company, email support@luminary.global for a tax-compliant invoice or receipt for your geography.

Can I return this course if I am unsatisfied with it?

We offer a satisfaction guarantee within 30 days from purchase. Contact support@luminary.global to inquire.

How often is the course updated with new content?

This course is expected to be updated at least quarterly as new content is prepared and the capabilities of AI change.

What is the Luminary community and what is included with this course?

Luminary is a new membership community for leaders and innovators to best learn AI and drive company growth. It includes an online community and discussion forum, access to training materials, and periodic online and in-person events. Membership in Luminary is provided on a trial basis according to the terms of the purchase.

Can I share this course with others?

No. This course is licensed for a single person. Sharing a course or recording content and providing to others is disallowed and will result in permanent access removal and inability to request refund or participate in or purchase other products.