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Luminary provides expert, independent, and continually updated learning and guidance to leaders who want to use generative AI to grow, differentiate, and succeed in their careers and companies.

We offer self-paced, scheduled-cohort, and workshop-based training, followed with a peer community to stay abreast of the fast-changing business and technology landscape. No hype. Real expert Advice. All for leaders.

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The Luminary community is a place for leaders, technologists, and business innovators to collaborate and find the best ways to harness AI together.

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Transform your leadership with our AI-Powered Business Leader Track. Learn practical application of generative AI and how to transform your business to harness it for future success.

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AI-Powered Innovation Track:
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Luminary offers practical, expert-led courses to empower businesses to leverage AI to fuel innovation. From Amazon's Working Backwards process to Go-to-Market strategies, AI is embedded to make your innovation faster and better than ever.

Expert Instruction
Courses are taught by experts who have applied all concepts in business
Practical Guidance
Gain tangible strategies for business transformation without hype or sales
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Choose from self-paced, cohort or workshop courses to suit your needs

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Free AI + Leadership Webinar

Unleash your potential with our complimentary 30-minute webinar. Discover how AI is transforming business and setting the pace for future business leaders.

AI-Powered Innovation

Introduction to Amazon's Working Backwards Process + AI

Amazon's Working Backwards innovation process created it's innovation success. Learn it and generative AI together, to increase your product and business innovation, and secure your relevance in the new AI-powered world. Taught by former Amazon leader Trent Gillespie.


From behind to now leading with AI - our customers are redefining their careers and business success.

“VERY informative and incredibly aligned with the way we think ...not to mention a delightful peek behind the Amazon methodology curtain."
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Director, Growth and Creative Strategy, Technology Startup

"Excellent Value!"
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Director, Product Management, Fortune 100 Retailer

"Fantastic, Actionable Content!"
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Senior Product Manager, Fortune 100 Retailer

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COO of Tech Start-Up

Guided by Industry Giants, Crafted for Success

Our courses are led by ex-Amazon professionals with extensive expertise in AI, innovation, and business transformation. We leverage our industry prowess to catapult your business into the future.

Profile image of Trent Gillespie
Trent Gillespie
20+ Years of Experience, Former Amazon leader, Chief Information Officer, and IT Leader

Meet our Founders

Our team is passionate about AI, digital transformation, innovation, and your success.

Trent Gillespie is a seasoned technology and business leader with a decorated career spanning over two decades. After holding various IT leadership roles, Trent spent almost nine years at Amazon orchestrating its global growth, driving massive innovation programs, and ensuring the Alexa AI met all customer privacy expectations globally.

Trent now utilizes his wealth of experience to help business leaders build innovative organizations and products and learn to harness AI for their success. Trent speaks professionally, advises, and trains leaders and their teams. Holding an MBA and a Certificate in Executive Leadership from Seattle University, Trent’s vast knowledge and experience make him an invaluable asset to any organization seeking guidance and leadership in the realm of business and technology.

Trent Gillespie
Profile image of Trent Gillespie
The Hub of AI-Powered Business Pioneers

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From recent Webinars and Podcasts, to downloadable templates and whitepapers, check out our free resources to get a jump-start on how to use generative AI in business and to support your career.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Luminary?

Luminary is a global community of individuals who recognize the massive paradigm shift that generative AI and related technologies will drive across all aspects of business and society, and strive to harness it to help their own careers, companies, and communities thrive. Luminary members come from a variety of disciplines, geographies, and seniorities, but share the purpose of finding the best ways to create sustainable innovation and change to help humanity succeed in the new AI-driven era.

Luminary supports this goal by providing a peer-level online community, ongoing research and best practices for how to leverage AI in business, and learning curriculum to teach and share those practices, empowering its members with knowledge that cannot be gained anywhere else.

What is the vision and mission for Luminary?

Luminary’s vision is to help humanity thrive with AI. To deliver that, its mission is to develop and teach the best methods for how leaders can use AI to create decentralized, sustainable, and for-profit innovation, backed by responsible use of AI.

What is the member benefit of Luminary?

Luminary’s members receive the latest, most practical, and independent guidance on how to leverage AI in their careers, build AI-powered organizations, and create successful innovation at scale, all while ensuring ethical and regulatory standards are maintained. We believe that AI can dramatically increase the value any person can create, and we strive to unlock that ability.

What is Luminary’s approach?

Luminary continually works to identify the best methods, frameworks, and tools to leverage AI in business, particularly generative AI. Luminary is made of experts with decades of business and technology experience, who are at the forefront of testing and exploring how best to use the new AI capabilities. As new and better practices are identified, the information is shared with other Luminary members through online and offline forums and incorporated into learning programs.

Does Luminary provide technical consulting or advisory?

Luminary, today, does not develop its own technology nor provide deep technical consulting. Instead, Luminary is focused on teaching leaders how to best leverage AI and related technologies in business, and transform businesses to become AI-powered innovators. Luminary may recommend particular platforms, tools, and technical methods, but defers to its network of peers and experts for implementation or specialty technical assistance.

What are the community membership levels?

Luminary is launching with two membership tiers: Individual and Leadership. These are summarized below:

Individual Tier: This membership level is for professionals who focus on executing innovation, and how to use AI to improve their individual tasks, processes, and offerings. This includes access to relevant individual training and the related online peer community.

Leadership Tier: This membership level is for leaders who have business-level responsibility, from identifying new business strategies and offerings to workforce transformation. Leaders span from start-up leaders to enterprise CxOs.

What are the benefits of an individual membership?

The Individual Membership provides:

- Access to the online peer community and discussion group.
- Online attendance at monthly expert events, in person when available (US Seattle-area to start).
- Access to recording of all events.
- Access to “Foundation” level self-paced training courses.
- Weekly Individual Membership Office Hours with Luminary experts.
- Weekly Newsletter.
- Prioritized access to independent advisory and coaching services.

What are the benefits of a Leadership membership?

The Leadership Membership provides:

Access to both the Individual and Leadership-level online peer communities and discussion groups.
Online attendance at monthly expert events, in person when available (US Seattle-area to start).

- Access to all event recordings.
- Access to “Foundation” level self-paced training courses.
- Weekly Leadership Membership Office Hours with Luminary experts.
- Online or in-person attendance to monthly research review meeting, and vote on research priorities.
- Access to start-up community, engagement, and investment opportunities.
- Weekly Newsletter.
- Prioritized access to independent advisory and coaching services.
- Training Discounts.
- Partner Discounts.

Who can join Luminary?

At this time, anyone may purchase a Luminary course.

However, to join the Luminary community, the following standards must be met:

The person must agree to the Luminary community principles. The person’s job role may not be as a consultant or vendor for AI-related consulting or implementation services. Leaders must apply and be approved through the Leadership application process. Membership in the Luminary community is allowed at the full discretion of Luminary, and can be granted or revoked at any time and for any reason.

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